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Posted on Mar 13, 2020 by


For the safety of our visitors and the community as a whole amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bubolz Nature Preserve has made the decision to cancel all events currently scheduled through May 26th, to coincide with the Governor’s Safer At Home Order. This means that our education programs, events and facility rentals will no longer be held during this period of time.

We encourage those who would like a refund to contact our staff and we will be happy to provide one. Our events team will happily work with those who would like to reschedule their event for a later date. Thank you to those who have offered their fees as a donation, we are truly grateful for your generosity.

The trails and restrooms will remain open at this time to provide those seeking a respite the opportunity to get out of confined spaces and into the outdoors. Please, be respectful of each other’s personal space as you enjoy your time on the trails. Our education team will be working on posting activities online for families to do at home in the near future as well. Please, watch our Facebook page and website for more updates.

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