Director of Environmental Education

Director of Environmental Education

The Director of EE will drive the next generation of environmental programs at Bubolz Nature Preserve.
An environmental learning culture will expand from one focused on growing knowledge and understanding
of the natural world, to one that beckons participants to apply their expanding environmental knowledge to
the stewardship of our Earth. Program participants, of all ages, will leave the preserve with an understanding
of how their actions can sustain our resources and ultimately our planet. A coherent focus on the physical
and mental benefits of nature will also be at the forefront of this generation of programs. The Director of
EE will drive this cultural shift in all aspects of operations.

The responsibilities of the Director of Environmental Education include, but are not limited to:

1) Relaying the relevance of the Need For Nature as it relates to both the physical and mental wellbeing of those who actively participate in nature related activities
2) Ensuring that all educational programming encourages participants to engage in ongoing
stewardship of our resources and of the Earth
3) Developing a culture of stewardship both at the Preserve and in the broader community
4) Ensuring that all programming asks participants to engage in exercises that call for problem solving
5) Chairing an environmental education committee representative of the constituencies that the
preserve serves. This includes educators, parents, environmental educators and students
6) Ensuring that all educational programming supports the knowledge and understanding of the
natural world through learning experiences that are interactive and age appropriate
7) Ensuring that educational opportunities are reviewed, updated and expanded regularly
8) Growing the vibrant team of volunteers that support preserve educational opportunities
9) Establishing a comprehensive and long term program evaluation process
10) Engaging in regular community outreach to educational institutions, nonprofits, businesses, etc.
11) Offering regular professional development opportunities for members of the educational staff and
volunteer teams
12) Ensuring that preserve educators meet stringent requirements for proficiency in both the
interdisciplinary content and pedagogy necessary to develop and deliver high quality, effective EE
13) Delivering EE programs regularly and overseeing the EE program budget
14) Supporting fundraising efforts to fund educational programs and mission objectives


  •  Education: Minimum of Associate’s Degree in environmental sciences or education, Bachelor’s
    Degree preferred
  • Experience: 5+ years of work experience in environmental education or related field
  • Professional Development: Experience in developing and implementing innovative, interactive
    professional development opportunities
  • Curriculum Design: Experience with developing and implementing curriculum that is student
    centered, project based and interdisciplinary
  • Curriculum Standards: Experience with Common Core Learning Standards, Next Generation
    Science Standards, and STEAM
  • Place-Based Learning: Experience facilitating service-learning and/or citizen science projects
  • Understanding of best pedagogical practice: Particularly in regard to environmental education
  • Schedule: Flexibility to accommodate regular evening and weekend hours
  • Vehicle Operation: Possess a valid WI Driver’s License with a good driving record
  • Physicality: Ability to lift and carry 50 pounds at least 100’ and work on ladders up to 15’
  • Communication of Mission: The ability to effectively communicate the preserve’s mission and
    purpose and interpret the natural features of the preserve

Skills and Abilities

  • Flexibility: Ability to adapt to changes that support program delivery and day-to-day priorities
  • Communication: Communicating effectively verbally and in writing and experience with public
    speaking including panel events, board meetings, preserve functions and training workshops
  • Interpersonal Skills: Ability to effectively collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders
  • Leadership and Management: Strength in managing, developing, coaching, evaluating and
    retaining staff and also experience in leading the cultural change process
  • Organizational Skills: Skills in managing multiple deadlines, priorities and budgets
  • Work Schedule: Flexibility in schedule, including some weekends and evenings as needed
  • Bilingual ability: Spanish or Hmong oral language ability preferred

Report Structure

  • Director of EE will report directly to the Executive Director of the Bubolz Nature Preserve
  • All members of the environmental education team will report to the Director of EE
  • Director of EE will oversee and support volunteers working to deliver educational programs