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We look forward to serving you and will strive to make your special day with us the best it can be. The following policies will help us insure success on your behalf.

A signed agreement and full payment of room rental is required to be returned no later than 10 days after receipt of lease agreement.
The initial room rental payment will be deducted from the final bill but will be withheld in the event of cancellation of signed agreement.

• Bubolz Nature Preserve has partnered with several local caterers for you to choose from for your special day.
• A guaranteed count is due no later than 14 business day prior to your event on all beverage selections.
• Different caterers require a different guaranteed count than Bubolz Nature Preserve. Please contact your choosen caterer for their policy.
• A pre-bill will be prepared and provided to the group contact based on the estimated costs, payment is due prior to event.

• All billing will be to group contact only, payment for all services will be group contact’s responsibility. Any overpayments will be refunded via check to group contact.
• If projected consumption charges exceed prepayment, agreement contact will be billed after event.
• Items charged on consumption i.e. champagne, wine, bar charges, etc.
• A credit card must be provided with guaranteed counts 10 days prior and will be charged for final billing.
• The remainder of the beverage bill will be finalized and sent to the group contact within 3 working days of the event.
• The final bill must be paid within 10 days of receiving the event.
• Payment by Check, Cash or Credit Card. 3.5% service charge will be applied if paying by credit card.

• A $60.00 set-up fee will be charged for banquet bar.
• Service charge and tax will be applied to beverage service.
• The group contact will pay the difference if minimums are not met.

• Cancellation of signed agreement will result in forfeiture of initial payment.
• In the event of re-renting the same space for the same date, time and location, 50% of room rental payment will be refunded.

• Bubolz Nature Preserve is not responsible for decorating. Lessee understands to contract with a professional decorator or personal attendant.
• Use of confetti, glitter, silly string, rice, birdseed, straw, hay or balloons as decorations on the tables or in the room is prohibited in the Preserve facilities. An additional $250 clean-up fee will be charged if unapproved items are used.
• Storage space is not available at the Preserve for personal belongings or event related items/equipment.
Bubolz Nature Preserve will not remove or cover the animal display’s or sponsored room signs.

• Bubolz Nature Preserve is not responsible for damage, theft, or loss of any items left at the Preserve prior to, during, or following any function.
• The group contact is responsible and shall reimburse Bubolz Nature Preserve for any damage, loss or liability incurred at the facility caused by guests or outside groups contracted by the client to provide any service or goods prior to, during or following any event.
• Due to the nature of the surroundings, no sparklers, bottle rockets, firecrackers, or any other fireworks are not allowed on the Preserve premises.