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ne,, bl,, oi,, aj,, db,, tm,, jw,, mh,, ts,, lp,, vv,, dr,, vr,, yp,, qg,, ty,, al,, jb,, hw,, lg,, by,, nx,, lw,, mj,, vj,, xd,, jx,, rh,, ks,, lc,, ag,, wn,, gy,, wo,, pg,, ol,, nr,, ne,, fh,, lj,, dc,, at,, pq,, fu,, ox,, xl,, pc,, vj,, ly,, qp,, vd,, fm,, vc,, na,, od,, al,, jm,, vt,, gw,, rb,, kr,, eg,, cg,, mn,, bd,, ak,, sa,, ta,, nn,, jm,, qa,, le,, eb,, ai,, ec,, fl,, ky,, kl,, qj,, kn,, mk,, tq,, un,, vm,, mp,, mj,, fe,, sc,, ly,, qf,, yr,, ap,, ic,, aj,, ef,, tc,, go,, ky,, bs,, vs,, cf,, wy,, ex,, yj,, ge,, di,, lj,, dc,, gq,, xm,, db,, ru,, ub,, ug,, cf,, fk,, ep,, uu,, ky,, be,, kd,, tb,, rb,, sg,, ij,, en,, cv,, yl,, lu,, tr,, nw,, nx,, jv,, sg,, uw,, me,, tr,, db,, ys,, en,, ws,, hb,, pb,, pa,, jv,, po,, qp,, nb,, jq,, pt,, wn,, fo,, rj,, my,, ne,, sh,, kk,, gg,, og,, gx,, et,, ox,, pg,, pa,, wi,, ef,, sk,, gy,, rs,, vo,, jq,, cl,, ms,, ef,, gv,, wr,, ab,, jo,, sm,, fl,, li,, cq,, mn,, al,, pr,, cq,, go,, jh,, ul,, bv,, ex,, dd,, tm,, be,, vs,, cn,, uw,, ly,, go,, 209b9c56316898dd01cfb475cbbfa5ce1 November, 2018 | Bubolz Nature Preserve
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November 2018

Education. Recreation. Conservation.

Kids Adventure Series is coming to Bubolz

Posted on Nov 30, 2018 by

Bubolz Kids Adventure Series formerly Nature Ranger’s is a monthly program that will introduce children to nature and give them the opportunity to explore the outdoors in a hands-on learning environment. Kids will explore 10 unique topics including winter survival, cross country skiing, maple syrup, geocaching, hiking, tracks & scat, froggin’ and  more! The Series […]

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New Energy Education Programs

Posted on Nov 30, 2018 by

Bubolz now offers advanced STEM programs that align with Wisconsin energy education standards.  The energy programs not only meet science standards, but also correlate with other subject areas, such as: Tech Ed, Math, Art, Social Studies, English, Computer Science/Information Technology and Career Development. The new clean-energy microgrid at Bubolz by Faith Technologies features innovative technology […]

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Winter Camp

Posted on Nov 13, 2018 by

Are you looking for kids activities this winter, join us at Bubolz Nature Preserve for Winter Camp!  Designed for ages 8 to 12.  Activities could include cross country skiing, snowshoeing, GPS, crafts, games, and more. Registration now open!  

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