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One of our most popular gift ideas is giving a Bubolz Nature Preserve Annual Membership. The benefits include program and gift shop discounts and best of all provide discounted ski and snowshoe rentals and waived trail fees!

Your membership will grow the Need for Nature movement to encourage families and schools to get outside, connect with nature and preserve our natural resources while at the same time supporting the educational programs and sustainability of this 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit nature preserve.

As a member, you are making great things possible and bringing the wonder of nature to families, schools and the community. Your support is in essential in:



Your annual membership supports growth in environmental education, giving children access to the power of learning inside a living classroom surrounded by nature. In 2021-2022 over 6,700 students visited Bubolz Nature Preserve to learn and explore through our curriculum.


The preserve serves people of all ages as a recreation destination year-round and a wonderful “getaway” from our hectic lives. With 8.5 miles of trails, snowshoe and ski rental, natural playscape, outdoor team building activities and family programs, the preserve welcomes over 80,000 visitors annually.


Your support will fund preservation of this unique natural area now and for generations to come. The preserve includes both upland and lowland hardwood forest, white cedar forest, tall and shortgrass prairie, wet meadow, ponds and streams and is home to a diverse blend of habitats and inhabitants for all ages to explore.







* The Preserve is funded entirely by program fees, facility rentals, memberships, grants, donations and gifts from individuals and corporations. Memberships expire one year from date of purchase
** Association of Nature Center Administrators

New members will receive a membership packet in the mail including a welcome letter, membership cards, receipt and information about the Preserve.