Sustainability Series

Sustainability Series

With humans exerting a greater impact on the Earth every day, it is essential to think about living more lightly on the land.  We have only one Earth, home to wondrous plants and animals but also a human population of 7.9 billion and growing.  To ensure a healthy planet supporting us all, people need to learn the importance of recycling and making better consumer choices, energy conservation, green options and conservation of biodiversity.  With that knowledge, they can make smart decisions to protect and sustain our home into the future.

With real, hands-on learning opportunities, people of all ages connect with nature, making them care about the environment.  When they care about nature, they want to protect it, which happens by good stewardship through sustainable practices.  We have to start today, little steps towards better choices, both to protect our Earth and ourselves.  The educational programming at Bubolz is committed to making this happen.

The Sustainability Series at Bubolz will feature; Sustainability Programs (for adults & youth), Sustainability Workshops & a Speaker Series.


Saturday, October 2  Adult Program

The unusual weather of the last several years is here to stay, thanks to climate change driven by global warming.  In our area, springs are now quite cool before quickly changing to the warmth of summer, and rain and snow events are more sporadic but heavier in quantity.  Nationally, hurricanes are more powerful, winter storms and more severe, and fires are burning across western states.  Director of Environmental Education Wendy Jones reviews the science behind climate change, what it means for us here in Wisconsin and beyond, and how plants, animals, and environments are only going to change even more as we move forward.  Say goodbye to the normal of your childhood!

$10 Members & $12 Non-Members


Saturday, November 6  Adult Program

Since their growth in the 1940s, plastics have been a part of daily life, driven by both improved function and more convenience.  Learn about the history of plastics, how they have become so insidious in our lives, their environmental threats, and how you can reduce the plastics in your daily life.

$10 Members & $12 Non-Members

Stay tuned for more programs coming soon!

Sustainability Programs for Schools


Grades K – 4
Time: 2.5 hours
Students will begin to learn the world of energy as they review the basics of what energy is and where it comes from. Students will be introduced to renewable energy sources. Contact our Education Department at [email protected]


Grades 5 – 8
Time: 2.5 hours
Students will dive into the world of renewable energy sources as they tour the brand new state-of -the-art Microgrid, become hands on with solar energy, and learn why renewables are important for future living. Contact our Education Department at [email protected]


Grades 9 – 12
Time: 2.5 hours
Students will explore deeper into how a microgrid works and the importance for now and future generations. They will learn about careers and other opportunities in the field. They will have the option for hands-on experiments relating to solar or wind energy. Contact our Education Department at [email protected]

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