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Bubolz now offers advanced STEM programs that align with Wisconsin energy education standards. The energy programs not only meet science standards, but also correlate with other subject areas, such as: Tech Ed, Math, Art, Social Studies, English, Computer Science/Information Technology and Career Development.

The new clean-energy microgrid at Bubolz by Faith Technologies features innovative technology that offers a learning opportunity that students cannot access anywhere else in the Midwest. In fact, several energy-related associations from throughout the midwest have booked tours and conferences at Bubolz just to learn about the microgrid.



Energy programs are available for all grade levels, but the focus groups are 5-8th grades and 9-12th grades. To develop the new curriculum, the Bubolz staff worked closely with the microgrid developer Faith Technologies and Wisconsin KEEP (K-12 Energy Education Program), a statewide energy curriculum organization headquartered at UW-Stevens Point. In addition, teachers from throughout the Fox Valley have been providing input and suggestions for the type of learning experience that would be the most impactful.

The students will learn about the traditional way of producing energy, the emerging methods and sources of renewable energy, as well as the innovative microgrid system that can produce, store and manage clean energy for better efficiency and reliability.

The new programs will include hands-on activities that allow interactive, engaging, discovery-based learning that inspires educators and ignites student curiosity. Students will experiment with renewable energy kits that simulate a mini-microgrid, made possible by a generous gift from Faith Technologies.  This will then be reinforced with Pre and Post-Field Trip activities via an online live data screen that displays the microgrid activity at Bubolz.


Renewable Energy Introduction

Grades K – 4 | Time: 2.5 hours

Students will begin to learn the world of energy as they review the basics of what energy is and where it comes from. Students will be introduced to renewable energy sources.

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Renewable Energy Exploration

Grades 5 – 8 | Time: 2.5 hours

Students will dive into the world of renewable energy sources as they tour the brand new state-of -the-art Microgrid, become hands on with solar energy, and learn why renewables are important for future living.

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Renewable Energy Innovation

Grades 9 – 12 | Time: 2.5 hours

Students will explore deeper into how a microgrid works and the importance for now and future generations. They will learn about careers and other opportunities in the field. They will have the option for hands-on experiments relating to solar or wind energy.

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New Partnerships

Continue your energy journey in the classroom and beyond with the Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program’s (KEEP) energy conservation add-on program. After your visit to Bubolz Nature Preserve, KEEP staff will join students for an in-class program. Taking elements learned at the Preserve, students will build on their energy investigation skills to explore their own at-home energy use. For more information on this free program or to sign up, contact KEEP staff at [email protected] or (715) 346-4770.



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