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Fun in Fall

Check out all of the fun Programs happening at Bubolz This Fall.

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Tallgrass Prairie Exploration

Wednesday, August 25  Adult Program

​The tallgrass prairie is in full bloom by late summer, with goldenrods and asters in flower below the towering big bluestem and Indian grass.  Join our Director of environmental Education for this educational walk through the prairie with a chance to ask questions. Please dress for warm sunny conditions and bring a water bottle.

$10 Members & $12 Non-Members

Fall Birds at Bubolz

Saturday, September 11  Adult Program

Fall migration is in full swing, with orioles, grosbeaks, hummers, and warblers heading south for the winter.  Join naturalist Wendy Jones for a walk on the trails to enjoy the fall birds.  Please wear sturdy shoes for wet trails.

$10 Members & $12 Non-Members

Fall Equinox

Sunday, September 19 Family Program – Ages 4-6

With the autumn equinox on September 22, fall officially arrives this week.  Children discover the magic of the season:  leaves changing color and dropping to the ground, seeds that drop, float, fly and hitchhike, and turtles basking in the sun before winter’s hibernation.   Please wear sturdy shoes for wet trails.

$10 Members & $15 Non-Members – 1 Ticket per family

Weather, Climate Change, and the Environments of the Future

Saturday, October 2  Adult Program

The unusual weather of the last several years is here to stay, thanks to climate change driven by global warming.  In our area, springs are now quite cool before quickly changing to the warmth of summer, and rain and snow events are more sporadic but heavier in quantity.  Nationally, hurricanes are more powerful, winter storms and more severe, and fires are burning across western states.  Director of Environmental Education Wendy Jones reviews the science behind climate change, what it means for us here in Wisconsin and beyond, and how plants, animals, and environments are only going to change even more as we move forward.  Say goodbye to the normal of your childhood!

$10 Members & $12 Non-Members

Romp in the Swamp

Saturday October 23  Family Event

More information coming soon!

A Nature Halloween

Saturday, October 30  Family Program

Bring out your family for a nature Halloween!  Learn about owls, bats, spiders and more and make a critter craft to take home. Best for children ages 4-10.

$15 Members & $20 Non-Members – 1 Ticket per family

Plastics, Convenience, and Environmental Truths

Saturday, November 6  Adult Program

Since their growth in the 1940s, plastics have been a part of daily life, driven by both improved function and more convenience.  Learn about the history of plastics, how they have become so insidious in our lives, their environmental threats, and how you can reduce the plastics in your daily life.

$10 Members & $12 Non-Members

Take a Fall Hike

Saturday, November 13  Family Program

November 13 is National Take a Hike Day, and Bubolz has many great trails to do just that.  Join naturalist Wendy Jones for a walk on our trails, taking time to read the land and discover what nature has to offer.  Please wear sturdy shoes for wet trails.

$10 Members & $12 Non-Members