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209b9c56316898dd01cfb475cbbfa5ce1 Career Opportunities | Bubolz Nature Preserve
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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Established in 1971 and encompassing 725 acres of unique property, the Bubolz Nature Preserve is dedicated to developing a sound environmental ethic in persons of all ages through education, recreation and conservation, while promoting a strong sense of overall wellness and appreciation of nature.

Position: Event Bartender
Location: Appleton, WI
Position Type: Part Time
Application Deadline: Open until filled

Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for setting up the bar/beverage service area including bar products, glassware, mixing ingredients, garnishes to ensure beverages can be served efficiently.
  • Works with others to ensure all bars are clean, orderly and stocked throughout the event. Notifies Bar Manager of any inventory needs.
  • Waits on guest in a timely fashion and engages them in friendly and outgoing manner.
  • Serves alcohol responsibly, following food safety and legal requirements. Requests identification and adheres to beverage service policies and procedures, including monitoring guests’ intake of alcohol.
  • Has a fun and upbeat attitude!
  • Oversees that patrons remain in areas of permitted sale and consumption of alcohol.
  • Responsible for accurately completing sales via Point of Sale (POS) system, following cash handling procedures, protecting credit card information, and maintaining cash drawer accountability.
  • Performs closing duties of the bar/ beverage service are as directed. Cleans, washes and store bar equipment. Properly store all reusable products.
  • Respond to guest inquiries and special requests promptly and professionally to ensure guest satisfaction; notify supervisor of guest complaints or unusual situations.
  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Qualifications and Requirements

Basic reading and writing. Bar tending experience with general knowledge of bar operations.

This job requires the following:

  • Must be 21 or older and hold a valid driver’s license with vehicle.
  • Must obtain and maintain a valid bartending license.
  • Basic knowledge of beer, wine and spirits and familiarity with standard drink recipes.
  • Exceptional customer service skills including the ability to be personable, energetic and highly motivated.
  • Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities.
  • Strong team player with commitment to team’s goals and values, including the Preserve’s mission. Ability to effectively communicate and demonstrate the mission to patrons.
  • Handling, carrying, or lifting items weighing up to 75 pounds (tables, chairs, trays, etc.)
  • Moving about the functions areas.
  • Bending, stooping, kneeling.
  • Work a flexible schedule including afternoons, evenings and weekends as events require.

To Apply: Email cover letter and resume to

Position: Banquet & Event Set-Up / Cleaning 
Location: Appleton, WI
Position Type: Part Time – average of 10 hrs. /week
Application Deadline: Open until filled

Key Responsibilities

  • Room set up for weddings, programs, special events
  • Set-up/tear-down of equipment and cleaning associated with preserve programs/events
  • Ensuring both levels of the Environmental Center are thoroughly cleaned
  • Emptying trash and recyclables to dumpsters
  • Ensuring janitorial closets are clean, organized and fully stocked
  • Assessing and cleaning outer facilities including: Environmental Center decks and patios, restrooms, Amphitheater, Sugar Shack, Schoolhouse and Log Cabin

How To Apply
Send resume to or mail to 4815 N. Lynndale Dr. Appleton, WI 54913. No phone calls or in-person visits please.

Complete job description HERE.