Month: August 2021

August Newsletter

Need for Nature News Summer’s heat brings one of the most amazing insects:  the dragonfly.  They have been cruising the skies for 300 million years, although back then they were the size of a kestrel with a 2½ foot wingspan – imagine that flying around Turtle Pond! Today’s dragonflies are still impressive in so many ways.  Their wings beat 30-50 times per second, powered by flight muscles that make up one-half or more of their body mass.  Flight speeds normally range around 10-20 mph but they have been recorded flying up to 35mph.  Dragonflies are capable of hovering in one…

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July Newsletter

Bubolz has been inspiring a love for nature in our community for the past 50 years.  As we reflect back on how far the Preserve has come, we are excited to look forward to the future and about where Bubolz is going.  In taking a step towards the future, we will be adding a large emphasis on sustainability and stewardship.  We will be adding more programs for schools, families, adults and corporations as we work together to create a more sustainable earth. With humans exerting a greater impact on the Earth every day, it is important to think about living more lightly…

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