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Bubolz has been inspiring a love for nature in our community for the past 50 years.  As we reflect back on how far the Preserve has come, we are excited to look forward to the future and about where Bubolz is going.  In taking a step towards the future, we will be adding a large emphasis on sustainability and stewardship.  We will be adding more programs for schools, families, adults and corporations as we work together to create a more sustainable earth.

With humans exerting a greater impact on the Earth every day, it is important to think about living more lightly on the land.  Environmental sustainability is being aware of your resource use, working to make that footprint smaller, and striving to protect the Earth for future generations.  Key broad areas to consider are: energy use, transportation, consumption habits, food/diet, and conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity.  Stewardship is caring for nature and wanting to protect it, which is achieved by sustainability.

Both stewardship and sustainability are rooted in knowledge – you have to know about the plants, animals, habitats, and relationships in nature to create a connection to the environment.  Once you care about nature you want to protect it, by practicing sustainability in your daily life.

Sustainability can be as simple as reducing, reusing and recycling as much of your trash as you can, using cloth bags when shopping, and setting the thermostat a bit cooler in winter and warmer in summer.  Practice stewardship in your yard by planting natives, adding a bird bath or nesting box, and not using pesticides or herbicides.  Going deeper, you can choose the most fuel-efficient car (electric cars are growing in popularity) or add solar panels to your property to generate clean power.

Here at Bubolz we have a microgrid that combines solar power, a microturbine, and a fuel cell to generate power for our facilities.  We are working hard to remove invasive species from the preserve, we recycle our waste, and buy recycled materials whenever possible.  Walking the trails reduces stress, improves your mood, and has numerous health benefits.  Our education programs connect people with nature and provide knowledge, to get you started on your own sustainability path.

Join us as we take a step towards the future and make a difference that will effect future generations!


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  2. Summer Camp
  3. Home School Program
  4. Inspiring the next 50 years
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Upcoming Events
  • July 6-8 Building with Nature
  • July 9th Let’s Go Froggin’
  • July 13-15 Surviving the Outdoors
  • July 16 Let’s Go Froggin’
  • July 20-22 Grossology
  • July 27-29 Muddy Mischief
  • July 27-29 House Hunters
  • August 3-5 Best of Bubolz
  • August 6 Let’s Go Froggin’
  • August 10-12 Wacky Wings
  • August 10-12 Doodle Bugs
  • August 17-19 Naturally Artistic
  • *August 25 Tall Grass Prairie Exploration(Adult Program)
  • *September 11 Fall Birds at Bubolz (Adult Program)
  • *September 15 Sustainability Speak Series
  • *September 19 Fall Equinox Exploration

*New Programs–Registration coming soon

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Summer Camp

Camp is in full swing at Bubolz and so far this summer kids ages 4-10 have gathered to learn about nature, hike the trails, create crafts and learn about sustainability.

Our Sprout campers took to the trail last week with their eyes wide open looking for animals along the trails.  They spotted a family of geese and learned that a group of geese together is called a gaggle.  They stopped at turtle pond to feed the turtles, and to catch frogs at the teaching station.  They learned you can tell the difference between male and female frogs by looking at the size of their ears.  Males have ears that are bigger than their eyes and the females ears are smaller than their eyes.

The older Sapling campers have taken a deeper dive into their love for nature and learned how to be good stewards of the land while learning about sustainability.  Campers learned about solar energy and used solar ovens to make an afternoon snack.  One of their favorite activities was using the hand held GPS’s to go geocaching at the preserve and see how many caches they could find.

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Join Bubolz’s Home School Program

Registration is open for Bubolz Home School Adventures.  This is a bimonthly drop-off program, which meets from Thursday, September 9th, 2021 to Thursday, May 19, 2022, for a total of 18 classes.

Class times are 9 – 11am or 1 – 3pm. The classes are designed for students ages 5 to 12. Classes will vary in topics based on season and will be both indoor and outdoor. This program is designed to supplement science curriculum and will be taught by knowledgeable naturalists and volunteers.

There are still a few spots available for the 2021-2022 school year.  Click the button below to register today.

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Help us Inspire the Next 50 Years!

For 50 years Bubolz Nature Preserve has been inspiring a love of nature generation after generation. The smiles that light up the trails as a young child spies the first butterfly of the season or a turtle swimming in the lily pads in the pond fills our hearts with joy.

Help us continue to inspire a love of nature for the next 50 years by making a donation today! As we look back on the past 50 years and how far we have come, we look towards the future and are excited to be bringing new programs to the preserve centered around sustainability and stewardship.

We only have one planet and it is time we stand up for the natural world around us. As green space continues to disappear it is more important than ever to preserve the natural space we have and start doing our part to take care of the planet.

We can’t save nature without you! Your donation will help conserve green space, educate our youth and advance our sustainability programs.

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Corporate Meetings and Team Building Activities

Let nature inspire your team, spark creativity and get them thinking outside of the box.  With seven indoor spaces to rent and spectacular views to refresh the mind, Bubolz is the perfect place to host your next meeting or conference.  Bubolz’s meeting spaces can accommodate groups from 4-200 and our event staff will create a custom layout to meet your needs.  Let the great outdoors be your team’s guide to better communication, understanding, and employee engagement thus; improving workplace productivity and human relations.

Many companies are settling back into the offices and looking for a way to re-connect their team after time apart working remotely.  Bubolz offers a wide range of team building activities to help connect your team including; geocaching, low-ropes course, trail hikes scavenger hunt and outdoor survival course.

Recently we have had companies join us for meetings during the day and have ended with team geocaching(and a bit of healthy competition) and for s’mores and dinner catered by one of our preferred caterers in the amphitheater.

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Weddings at Bubolz

Allow nature to provide the perfect backdrop for your special day! The Pines are one of two outdoor ceremony locations we have available here at Bubolz!   Make life easier by holding both your ceremony and reception at Bubolz.  The Lodge welcomes your guests with the same warmth and comfort that you would expect in a serene, Northwoods venue. You and your guests can enjoy the tranquil feeling of the outdoors inside, with added convenience of amenities and tasteful presentation for the most nurturing environment imaginable.

The Preserve’s 8.5 miles of trails and dock at Turtle Pond are great spots for your memorable wedding photos and are a great option for guests to enjoy before dinner.    The outdoor decks and patio give guests a quieter place to talk away from the music.  Bubolz provides it’s own bar service and works with a number of preferred caterers for you to choose from.  Talk to our event staff about adding a late night bonfire and s’mores for your guest.

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Volunteer at Bubolz

Do you love nature and are looking for a way to give back? Your time is a precious gift and a great way to make a difference.  We could not provide all of the educational and recreational activities we have at Bubolz without the help of our volunteers.

At Bubolz there are a number of different ways that you can volunteer to use your skill sets.  Some of the opportunities include; helping maintain the trails and invasive species, working with students in our environmental education programs, helping out at special events or volunteering in the offices.  If you are interested in helping out please click the button below to tell us how often you would like to volunteer and where you are most interested in helping out.

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Text to Know

Have you missed out on some of our popular programs such as Summer Camps, Let’s Go Froggin’ or Ales on the Trails because they were already sold out and you were the last to know?  Sign up for our Text to Know, to be notified as soon as registration is available for our popular programs and events.  If you are interested in receiving an alert when new registrations open please click the button bellow and provide your first and last name and cell phone number.

Thank you for Subscribing to our Newsletter

As schools start returning on field trips it is our goal to connect every kid in our community to nature.   Nature does not discriminate and neither do we at Bubolz, which is why we raise funds so that field trip costs are affordable for all students.  If you would like to help make sure every child has the opportunity to come and learn in our 700 acres of living classroom please consider making a donation by clicking the button below.  With your help we can connect more students in our community to nature and foster a love for the environment that will last a life time!

Thank you to our Partners

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