The benefits of Nature

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We all have a need for Nature in our lives.  There are so many health benefits of spending time in Nature.  Our mission at Bubolz is to serve as a gathering place for the community to become inspired by, appreciate and enjoy nature through educational  programming and recreational opportunities, while fostering a healthy environment and providing an improved quality of life.  With your Support we can make sure we are here for generations to come.

Read Chris’s story below to see how spending time in Nature at Bubolz helped him.

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Chris’s Story

My name is Chris R, and I am a late 50’s, successful man who has suffered with mental illness most of my adult life.  My mental illness is clinical depression, with at times, a good dose of anxiety built in.  Throughout my 34 year professional career I have been a computer design engineer, a Project Manager, a management consultant, and at the peak of my business development career, a Vice President at a global, $3B public company.  During all that time I suffered from clinical depression, and for most of that time, no one that I worked with knew.  This, even though there were many times I literally dragged myself out of bed in the morning to go to work, had to self-talk myself into presenting multi-million dollar proposals to customer executives, and flew hundreds of thousands of miles to meet with company colleagues and global customers.  Yes, I sought treatment, and through a combination of medication and therapy, I was able to keep up my facade while excelling at work and receiving many promotions.  Finally though, I couldn’t put on the mask and be “Mr. Professional Executive” another day.  In September 2014 (following a business trip) I crashed…completely.  In the “old” vernacular, I had a nervous breakdown – in the “new” language, I suffered a complete, and total mental and physical collapse.  I took the maximum 12 weeks leave from my job, and thankfully, began my slow, steady recovery.

An important part of that recovery included weekly hikes (and meditation) at the Bubolz Nature Preserve.  I walked the trails for hours, stopping when I felt like it to just simply sit, and be.  The diverse, natural setting worked wonders for my body, my mind, and most importantly, my spirit.  I went back to work in January of 2015, and I continued to contribute to my company for another 4 years until I decided to retire to care for my ailing parents.  My parents are now gone, and I once again see the shadow of mental illness nearby.  But, recalling the powerful impact nature had on me when I hit bottom 6 years ago, I’ve recently returned to the trails of Bubolz Nature Preserve, and I have confidence that they will again take me to a place I need (and deserve) to be.  My heartfelt thanks to Gordon Bubolz’s legacy and the entire staff of the Bubolz Nature Preserve who, particularly in these strange times, dedicate many, many long hours to ensure the Preserve not only is maintained, but flourishes.  Thank you.


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