Geocaching at Bubolz

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Geocaching is a fun activity that everyone on the family can enjoy.  It is a real life treasure hunt using any GPS enabled device.  At Bubolz we have 8 geocaches hidden on the property.  It’s a great outdoor activity that is easy to get hooked on.  Never done geocaching? Don’t worry, it’s an easy activity that anyone can take part in.

The first step is to download a geocaching app on your phone.  We recommend using Geocaching by Groundspeak Inc.  Once you have downloaded the app set Bubolz Nature Preserve as your location.  A map of the area will pop up and show you the locations of each Geocache

Each one has it’s own unique name, a description of waht it looks like and a few clues that will help you find the geocache hidden in it’s location. The app allows you to check off each one you find.  Have a whole day? Check them all off.  Or come back and do one each visit.

Geocaches are filled with fun little treasures.  To add to the fun of finding a geocache you can also bring a small item to leave in the geocache for someone else to find.  General rules are, if you are taking things from a geocache you have found, you should bring something to leave of equal or greater value.  Remember that geocaching is a family friendly activity, so you will want to make sure that items you are leaving are kid friendly.

Items not to leave: Explosives, knives, alcohol ,food, Bubbles(they tend to leak and make a mess), anything that melts, anything with a strong smell(Animals will pick this up and try to eat it).

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Below is a family who came to Bubolz for geocaching.  The boys brought Lego Disney characters to leave in the geocache for the next person to find!

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